Who is it for?

Just like in any specialized art form, in theatre too it is vital that you understand the fundamentals of it. When you ignore that part, you are highly prone to lose your sense of direction, and in the long run fall into the trap of mediocrity. It is tough to build a robust career in arts without having a sound grasp of its fundamentals. Read that as nearly impossible.

Theatre, also, is a great way to understand ourselves better, others, and our relationship with them. Since ages, it has been an important discipline which helps people, from all walks of life, open up to the myriad possibilities that their existences throw up. Beneficial to the young and the old, theatre teaches us to create our own language of peace and enterprise.

But how does one start in theatre? Putting your first step right can mean saving time, money and, above all, not giving it up soon after the brave initial effort.

About TIP

‘Theatre Induction Program’ (TIP) is Actor Factor Theatre Company’s initiative to help people get started up in theatre, and establishing a strong knowledge-foothold. The 3-month-long weekend program will give your talent a much needed chiseling, the necessary expertise and exposure, helping you reach out to your audience with poise, and precision. You will work under the caring and expert guidance of teachers with a proven track record in the field. Be it writing, or acting, or designing and direction, you will be hands-on with the entire creative process involved, moving from idea to script to performance.

TIP 16 Plus

Weekend Training in ‘Acting & Stagecraft’ – for 16 years and above

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TIP Junior

Weekend Training in ‘Acting & Life Skills’ – for age 8 - 15 years

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