After 2 years of research, First Act - the Children's Theatre Workshop is back to keep up with the changing need of the hour. The new format ensures the children are best equipped to face the real-world challenges in Theatre and Life.

The 15-day long program allows children to open up their minds to a world of creative possibilities. It helps them overcome shyness and stage fright, develop positive thinking and a compassionate world-view, learn essential tools of creative problem-solving and unhindered self-expression. Introducing the avant-garde methods practiced in eminent theatre schools across the globe, this intensive yet enjoyable workshop bolsters children’s self-esteem, encourages teamwork by building trust; and in turn sets his or her mind free – to think like a true winner.


She is one of the leading theatre practitioners of Delhi, and a member of Actor Factor Theatre Company. In her distinguished career, Vaishali worked with IPTA Mumbai to begin with, before joining Actor Factorin the year 2007. Her major works include Aakaar, Red Corridor, The Leela Tapes, Kafan, Sounds of Earth and Taxi. Her performances have consistently found a special mention by the critics in national dailies. In addition to learning under theatre veterans like Vineet Kumar, Sabitri Devi and Heisnam Kanhailal, she has formally trained in Drama & Speech at the Trinity College London, and was subsequently awarded the ‘Associate Trinity College London – Diploma with Distinction’. Currently, Vaishali works extensively with children. She has been conducting theatre training programs and workshops for various schools and NGO’s.

VASUDHA SHARMA - Asssociate Workshop Director

She is an actor, theatre trainer and social activist. Vasudha began her career in theatre with the Pandies Activist Theatre Group, where she performed as an actor and conducted workshops for underprivileged children. Later she designed and conducted theatre training programs for children with Birla Edutech and British School, Chankyapuri. She is a postgraduate in English literature from the University Of Delhi and formally trained in Drama & Speech at the Trinity College London. Presently, Vasudha works as a theatre trainer at a reputed school in Noida.


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FIRST ACT 2009 & 2010

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