15-day training in ‘Acting & Life Skills’ – for 8 to 15 years was successfully concluded on 23 June 2013.

Every child is born with the gift of imagination and inventiveness. Its potential just needs to be tapped at the opportune time, and channeled in the right direction. First Act works best for all children who must ideally be introduced to theatre at an early stage of their lives, and their creative energies be harnessed for productive results. Spread over 15 days, First Act will introduce essential life skills through the medium of theatre, and the avant-garde methods applied in acting worldwide. In the process, it will also guide children to overcome shyness and stage-fright; help them develop unique flair for problem-solving; and empower them to self-express with autonomy. This specially devised module for First Act will encourage teamwork among participants, and aid them in enhancing self-image by fostering mutual trust, all leading to a short performance at the end of the program.


Rakesh Singh

Director, First Act Teens

Alumnus National School Of Drama (NSD)

Rakesh completed his Master’s in ‘Theatre Techniques and Acting’ at the National School of Drama in 2002. Thereafter, he experimented and excelled in folk theatre for over 10 years, marking a definitive beginning to his illustrious career, as an actor and director. Later in 1990, he joined IPTA- Lucknow and was part of numerous critically-acclaimed stage plays. He has also been professionally associated with eminent theatre directors of our time like M. K. Raina, Raj Besaria and Anuradha Kapoor.

Rakesh has worked extensively in the field of Theatre Education. He was on the faculty of Mass Communications at Jamia Millia Islamia, and during the same time, he conducted several workshops at premiere institutes, including the IIMs and IITs. Currently, he finds his focus in working with children. He has been conducting children’s theatre workshops across the country, in association with various NGOs and schools. He has pioneered ‘Theatre Therapy’ for the children of Jammu & Kashmir.

Vaishali Chakravarty

Associate Director, First Act

Associate Of Trinity College London (Speech & Drama)

She is one of the leading theatre practitioners of Delhi, and a member of Actor Factor Theatre Company. In her distinguished career, Vaishali worked with IPTA Mumbai to begin with, before joining Actor Factor in the year 2007. Her major works include Aakaar, Red Corridor, The Leela Tapes, Kafan, Sounds of Earth and Taxi. Her performances have consistently found a special mention in national dailies. In addition to learning under theatre veterans like Vineet Kumar, Sabitri Devi and Heisnam Kanhailal, she has formally trained in Drama & Speech at the Trinity College London, and was subsequently awarded the ‘Associate of Trinity College London – Diploma with Distinction’. Currently, Vaishali works extensively with children. She conducts Actor Factor’s annual children’s theatre workshop ‘First Act’; and other training programs and workshops for various schools and NGO’s.


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