A rip-roaring, laugh-a-minute comic farce!

Set in the midst of an imaginary world war, the play Khudgudi delves into the futility of human ambitions; and questions fruits of their intelligence. In this laugh-a-minute farce, the forever-sparring clowns find themselves entangled in a confusing mesh of life and death. For them, life is repetitive and boring; and to add to their misery, much like peace, even their deaths seem elusive. Dangling between perception and reality, and the reality of perception of reality, the clowns, through their foolery and rhetorics of existential nonsense, make desperate attempts to wriggle out of this befuddling pointlessness but end up further entrapped. Khudgudi mocks the human quest for a better world, and raises doubts about its candour for pursuit of peace; for the paradox remains as only through continuous infighting and destruction of nature can humans feed their wars for survival and supremacy; eventually, condemning themselves to doom. Can the clowns finally set themselves free? Can self-tickling help them escape their fate? Will there ever be an end to war?