Three school boys dream of participating in Lucknow’s fabled ‘Gomati Kite Flying Tournament’. Their hope-filled eyes vie to, someday, measure up to the exploits of ‘Lakhna Dacoit’ and ‘Kantha Pandey’, the most dreaded kites in the contest. But to have their share of the sky, they must first knock down a generation of bias and break free of stifling social encumbrances. In their lonely quest, even arranging a kite and ‘manjha’ becomes an insurmountable task, as they fall at one hurdle after another until they decide to risk everything for their dream.


  • Gopal – Nitesh Tiwari
  • Mohan – Prashant Sharma
  • Govind – Rahul Nigam
  • Other Boy 1 – Saurabh Mishra
  • Other Boy 2 – Karan Saxena
  • Miyan Ji – K Suresh
  • Principal – Sunit Sinha


  • Light Design – Arnab Das
  • Production – Rahul Chandra
  • Asst Director – Indradeepta Roy
  • Costume & Make up – Shong
  • Sound Ops – Vaishali Chakravarty & Indradeepta Roy
  • Script, Music & Direction – Shashwat Srivastava