A tragic farce set in the deep woods of your consciousness.

Hilarious yet dark - The Butcher of Quietly is a tragic farce. The story as told is extremely edge-of-the-seat. The twists and turns in the plots keep one guessing till the last moment. The actions in the play are set in three time zones, and in a place strangely called Quietly. The moments across the play are funnily edgy at times, and leave the audience spellbound by the audacity of its debate. The play reflects on our current politics of indifference and power based on total ignorance of the social good. It is at times poetic, often rip-roaring funny, mostly theatrical, and quietly dark.


  • Soola - Varoon Anand
  • Jester - Zorian Cross
  • Chief of POQ - Karan Kohli
  • Zasha - Mehek Panjabi
  • SIC of POQ - Anoop Gupta
  • Dima - Anuradha Garimella
  • Ipo - Anubha Jaswal
  • Juggles & New SIC of POQ - Tushar Dhaundiyal


  • Music – Shashwat Srivastava
  • Choreography – Zorian Cross & Vaishali Chakravarty
  • Costume – Mehek Panjabi
  • Make up – Sanghamitra Chakraborty
  • Lights – Arnab Das
  • Production – Rahul Chandra, Adesh Sidhu & K Suresh
  • Communication Design – Pranshu Maheshwari
  • Script – Shashank Gupta
  • Design & Direction – Sunit Sinha