The journey called life begins and ends with a wish.

Why must people move to metropolises from smaller towns? Is it a fad or a compulsion? A free adaptation of Anurag Kashyap's Main, the subject of this play draws a balanced parallel between the life and intentions of a gone-berserk naxalite and small-town aspirants at large with dreams of finding parity. On another plane, the play is a ‘Whodunnit’. It is about a murder committed in the broad daylight of a nation’s conscience. So who’s the killer, a naxalite or a small-town dream? The play, a winner of Sahitya Kala Parishad Samman 2009, makes an important political comment on the lopsided development in the country, leading to the widening chasm between the rich and the poor.


  • Rohit - Adesh Sidhu
  • Anurag - Manas Dev
  • Vishal - Sunit Sinha
  • Prashant - Shashwat Srivastava
  • Inspector Vardi - Rahul Chandra
  • Mrs. Kambli - Vaishali Chakravarty
  • Doctor Menon - K Suresh


  • Lyrics – Rahul Chandra & Vaishali Chakravarty
  • Music & Vocals – Gajadhar Bharat & Shashwat Srivastava
  • Costume - Sanghamitra Chakraborty & Vaishali Chakravarty
  • Lights – Arnab Das
  • Production – Sukant Suman & Rahul Chandra
  • Communication Design – Sarbajit Sarbajna
  • Script, Design & Direction – Sunit Sinha